Building Transportation Connections Ropeway Ropes
Building Infrastructure Connections Structural Ropes

Steel ropes and services from FATZER form the basis for strong connections in the long term: for heavily frequented ropeways as well as for innovative rope structures. Our ropes are made-to-measure and are individually tailored to the needs of our customers. In this way, we achieve the greatest possible harmony between all components, contribute to their service life and reduce costs in the long term. 

  • Engineering

    FATZER is your competent partner for questions concerning ropes, with many years of experience and specialization in the production of high-performance ropes.

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  • Production

    All steel ropes are individually manufactured in the Swiss manufactory to the highest standards and tested for their load-bearing capacity by means of comprehensive tests based on random samples.

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  • Certification

    FATZER supports customers with certifications for the commissioning of ropes, including works certificates, tensile test certificates and acceptances from inspection bodies.

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  • Logistics

    FATZER takes responsibility for rope transport by coordinating orders with proven partners and providing support throughout the delivery.

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  • Assembly

    Our installation services ensure rapid commissioning of ropeways, in particular through the use of FATZER's TRUsplice or TRUsplice ES splice.

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  • Support

    The reliability of ropeways depends significantly on the maintenance of the system components. Preventive measures help to avoid unforeseen downtime.

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