High performance ropes for urban centers

More and more people are living in large, densely populated cities, and getting around is a challenge in many places. Innovative urban ropeway solutions offer an environmentally friendly answer to the needs of many cities and their inhabitants.

FATZER supports contractors and operators in planning, installing, monitoring, and maintaining their operations.

Steel ropes combat urban congestion

Gondola lifts, 3S ropeways and aerial tramways are becoming increasingly important in urban environments. More and more urban planners are recognizing the benefits that suspended transportation offers to those using public transportation. But in order for them to reliably provide the best service, their individual components are of crucial importance, first and foremost being the ropes that are used.

Quality ropes for urban ropeways

FATZER offers various rope solutions for ropeways in urban environments. We manufacture high-quality, high-performance ropes tailored to the needs of ropeway builders and operators. Our steel ropes offer high reliability in service, helping to avoid unplanned downtime. They also reduce noise emissions for quiet operation. Our ropes are designed to minimize lifetime costs for ropeway operators, contributing to a cost-effective transportation solution.

From planning to monitoring

We also offer all the services that make planning, installation, and operation easier in the long term. For example, our innovative splicing solution makes it easy to splice ropes even in the most confined spaces. We also offer modern, extremely customer-friendly monitoring solutions to help keep track of all important safety factors at all times, so that the ropes can meet their highest demands over the long term.

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Service life

No strand contact and thus significantly longer service life


Rope elongation calculable and predictable

Quiet operation

Low strand-induced vibrations and very good running smoothness

Haul and conveyor rope


The optimal solution for urban high-capacity applications and clutchable systems with high conveying requirements.

More about the high performance rope

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Philipp Enzler  – Director of Sales (USA, Canada, England, Ireland)

FATZER ropes inspire confidence worldwide

Urban sector high-performance rope projects

Flag Austria
This modern ropeway has two track ropes with integrated fiber optic cables and two track ropes with four electric conductors each. Low in length, reliable and resilient, the ropes provide optimal support for ropeway operation.

Silvrettaseilbahn AG Ischgl

Railroad builder


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