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When it comes to the use of wire ropes, the issue of safety is omnipresent, whether on ropeways, stadium roofs, glass facades or bridges. To ensure maximum safety, professional monitoring is essential and offers proven solutions that provide benefits beyond safety.

Sensors from FATZER

"Modern solutions for rope monitoring"


FATZER's tailored sensors guarantee the highest level of safety for the unique requirements of ropeway applications. The sensors provide our customers with optimal rope condition monitoring in applications such as cable cars, glass facades, bridges, etc.

Customized monitoring solutions


While you may be considering other cableway or rope structure monitoring solutions, the greatest value comes from using FATZER systems. We are happy to offer specific solutions tailored to your site-specific application.

FATZER lets sensors communicate

We have been involved in ropeway and rope structure safety and monitoring for decades. As a result, we know the most used systems and can combine them with TRUscan, TRUpin and other sensors. We are happy to address any specific needs you may have.

Total solutions for your measurement needs

Individual solutions with the greatest possible added value are FATZER's goal. Together with external partners, we also offer you special solutions for monitoring. In doing so, we address your measurement requirements from A to Z and tailor the system accordingly.

You have access to your sensor data - anytime, anywhere you are.

Evaluation of the measurement results within minutes

The measurement results are made available in real-time or within minutes in the dashboard, depending on the sensor technology. Tailored to your needs, various automatic or accredited reports can be generated from the measurement results. 

Guaranteed safety thanks to monitoring 

If damage occurs anywhere in ropes, it is detected within a very short time thanks to our  monitoring solutions. In this way, significant risks in the operation of ropeways or rope structures can be effectively avoided. 

Predictability with lower maintenance costs

Thanks to effective rope monitoring, you know the answer to questions such as “Will future rope maintenance be required?” and “Do I need to plan for a costly rope repair?” Effective rope monitoring allows scheduling work in an appropriate maintenance window to keep downtime to a minimum. You'll benefit from low rope maintenance and life cycle costs.

«Our rope monitoring solutions have it all: our customers benefit from maximum safety while reducing their maintenance costs.»

Michael Hanimann / CTO FATZER AG
Monitoring solutions from FATZER
FATZER's rope monitoring solutions ensure unconditional safety. They can be used to efficiently monitor ropeways and rope structures in all their diversity, and measures can be taken immediately if necessary. In addition, monitoring contributes to improved plannability of maintenance work and lower costs.
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