Spiral ropes for bridges

Whether for road or pedestrian bridges, FATZER cable assemblies arrive at the construction site prefabricated and ready for installation. Their superior quality translates to a safe, aesthetically pleasing, and functionally superior bridge. In addition, customers have the advantage of FATZER's comprehensive engineering, certification, installation, and support expertise throughout the project.

Open Spiral Rope (OSS)

FATZER Open Spiral Ropes (OSS) are composed of round wires fabricated from high tensile wire.

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Full Locked Coil Rope (FLC)

FATZER Full Locked Coil Ropes (FLC) have “Z” wires in the outer layers around round wires in the center; all fabricated from high tensile wires.

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Michael Bauer  – Technical Sales Director - Structural Ropes

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Spiral rope bridge projects

Road bridge Schorgast
Flag Germany
FATZER is proud to have contributed to this road bridge in Bavaria, which was nominated for the German Engineering Award. A total of 1,300 m of high-quality 110 mm fully locked rope systems together with special dampers and neoprene sleeves were manufactured and installed. The assembled spiral ropes were manufactured and tested in accordance with the German Delivery Specification for Bridge Ropes (TL/TP VVS). Among other things, a rope test piece was subjected to an oscillation width of 150 N/mm² in 2 million load cycles. In the final breaking load test, the full minimum breaking load of the rope was achieved.

Züblin Stahlbau GmbH

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