Your contact persons at FATZER
Behind Fatzer´s services is a team of employees who are passionate about continuing the long-standing tradition of our steel cord innovations. Do you have any questions about our services or would you like to benefit from the high quality of our products and solutions? Get in touch. We will be happy to support you with your project.
Patrick Schrämli
Patrick Schrämli Director of General Services
Martin Bechtold
Martin Bechtold CEO
Dennis Baier
Dennis Baier Project Manager - Structural Ropes
Fabian Sternig
Fabian Sternig Director of Order Processing
Matthias Stacher
Matthias Stacher Technical Sales Director - Ropeways & Mining (Latin America)
Jörg Stadelmann
Jörg Stadelmann Controlling
Danilo De Cristofaro
Danilo De Cristofaro Technical Sales Director
Hans Rusch
Hans Rusch Process Engineer
Cornelia Hugentobler
Cornelia Hugentobler HR Manager
Susanne Feurer
Susanne Feurer Quality Manager
Philippe Bieri
Philippe Bieri Sales Engineer / Project Manager (France)
Yanick Schuster
Yanick Schuster Director of IT & Digitalization
Robin Peter
Robin Peter Purchasing Manager
Kai Thiem
Kai Thiem Head of Technical Department - Structural Ropes
Philipp Enzler
Philipp Enzler Director of Sales (USA, Canada)
Julia Möhl
Julia Möhl Office Manager
Frank Amend
Frank Amend Business Development Manager
David Graber
David Graber Technical Sales Director - Ropeways
Dora Holliger
Dora Holliger Purchasing Manager
Alexander Bless
Alexander Bless Technical Sales Director - Ropeways
Nadja Müller
Nadja Müller HR Manager
Fabian Streicher
Fabian Streicher Technical Sales Director - Ropeways & Mining
Hannes Wimpissinger
Hannes Wimpissinger Project Manager - Ropeways
Sandra Hörnlimann
Sandra Hörnlimann Sales Manager - Structural Ropes
Stefan Frei
Stefan Frei Director of Operations
Roger Kreis
Roger Kreis Quality Manager
Christof Nater
Christof Nater Head of R&D - Ropeways and Winches
Oliver Reinelt
Oliver Reinelt Head of Technical Department - Ropeways
Angelika Odermatt
Angelika Odermatt Office Manager
Remo Gubser
Remo Gubser Technical Sales Director - Ropeways (Switzerland)
Bruno Longatti
Bruno Longatti Head of Technical Department - Mining & Industry
Tobias Weiss
Tobias Weiss Project Manager - Engineering
Michael Bauer
Michael Bauer Technical Sales Director - Structural Ropes
Julian Vögt
Julian Vögt Business Application Manager
Eliane Hänni
Eliane Hänni Office Manager
Malte Kabelitz
Malte Kabelitz Technical Sales Director - Structural Ropes
Pascal Cattilaz
Pascal Cattilaz Head of Logistics
Philipp Büche
Philipp Büche Technical Sales Director - Ropeways & Mining
Julian Fröhlich
Julian Fröhlich Marketing
Marcia Lucio
Marcia Lucio Sales Manager - Ropeways