FATZER World - 360° Competence

FATZER not only aims to manufacture the best steel wire ropes in the world, we also want our customers to benefit from services of the highest standard from the very first moment. Our 360° competencies range from planning to installation and regular servicing of the ropes used. With 360° Customer Benefit we also offer you all services combined in one package.

  • Engineering

    FATZER is your competent partner for questions concerning ropes, with many years of experience and specialization in the production of high-performance ropes.

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  • Production

    All steel ropes are individually manufactured in the Swiss manufactory to the highest standards and tested for their load-bearing capacity by means of comprehensive tests based on random samples.

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  • Certification

    FATZER supports customers with certifications for the commissioning of ropes, including works certificates, tensile test certificates and acceptances from inspection bodies.

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  • Logistics

    FATZER takes responsibility for rope transport by coordinating orders with proven partners and providing support throughout the delivery.

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  • Assembly

    Our installation services ensure rapid commissioning of ropeways, in particular through the use of FATZER's TRUsplice or TRUsplice ES splice.

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  • Support

    The reliability of ropeways depends significantly on the maintenance of the system components. Preventive measures help to avoid unforeseen downtime.

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360° Customer Benefit

With our 360° Customer Benefit service, we offer customers an all-round carefree package: at a defined price, you receive our steel wire ropes including transport and logistics and also benefit from needs-based maintenance. By arrangement, we will also be happy to support you with additional support services. With 360° Customer Benefit, you are also perfectly equipped for the unexpected.



For rope-related questions, FATZER is the right address. Thanks to many years of experience and specialization in the manufacture of steel wire ropes, we have industry-specific expertise with which we can provide optimum support to ropeway manufacturers and operators. The customer receives expert assistance in selecting the ideal rope, planning maintenance intervals, cost calculations and other topics.

This is how you benefit from our engineering

  • Planability of rope maintenance or replacement
  • Forecast of costs over the planned rope and
  • Ropeway service life as a basis for product decision
  • Financial planning
  • Optimization of noise development
  • Maximum availability
  • After-sales service
  • Approximate rope service life calculation



  • FAROtune
  • FAROcheck


All steel wire ropes from FATZER are manufactured to the highest standards in the Swiss manufactory according to individual requirements. Tear, displacement, fatigue and fatigue tests with random samples ensure that they will prove themselves in service. Also thanks to digitally supported workflows, we have very stable processes and seamless traceability.

How you benefit from our production

  • Swiss quality manufacturing
  • Individual, highly accurate manufacturing
  • Comprehensive material testing


At FATZER, we support you with all certificates for commissioning. This includes both factory certificates and certificates from tensile tests to determine the effective breaking force as well as acceptances from external test centers. Our customers receive the complete documentation including commissioning documents and operating and maintenance instructions

How you benefit from our certification

  • Certified high quality of all ropes and components
  • Availability of digital data in the online cockpit


The higher the individual weights of the ropes, the greater the logistical challenge. FATZER assumes responsibility for the transport services and coordinates the orders with proven partners in the process. Competent support throughout the entire delivery goes without saying for us.

This is how you benefit from our logistics

  • Smooth transport handling through the entire planning, processing and monitoring of transports
  • Special logistics solutions
  • Processing of international customs formalities


With our installation services, we ensure that ropeways can be put into operation without delay. Among other things, our TRUsplice or TRUsplice ES system is used here, thanks to which the rope ends can be connected by a splice to form an endless loop. And this even with tight space conditions.

How you benefit from our assembly

  • Increased system availability
  • Increased splice life
  • Improved quietness
  • Maximum flexibility due to high responsiveness



  • TRUsplice
  • TRUsplice ES


The reliability and efficiency of a ropeway depends crucially on the maintenance of the system components. Preventive maintenance helps identify problems with the ropes. This results in fewer repairs and unscheduled downtime. If repairs to the rope or splice do become necessary, our experts will perform the work most efficiently. Maintenance agreements offer you the opportunity to increase availability while reducing operating costs.

How you benefit from our support

  • Increase reliability and availability
  • Minimizing risks to operations
  • Minimizing downtime
  • Performance optimization of equipment
  • Compliance with safety standards and regulations
  • Worldwide regional presence
  • Tailored maintenance contracts
  • Guaranteed response times and intervention times for service contracts
  • Planable costs