TRUpin - the solution for monitoring loads in structural cable assemblies

TRUpin can be used to continuously monitor structural rope assemblies in any application. The system detects changes in rope forces so that maintenance can be scheduled based on actual loads.

Combining TRUpin with other sensors

Do you already have other solutions for monitoring your building, but still want to measure rope load with TRUpin? This is easily possible and TRUpin will transfer the load data points into your existing monitoring platform.

Reports in TRUcockpit

TRUcockpit is the heart of FATZER's condition monitoring and reporting process, always providing reliable and effective monitoring of your cable assemblies. All sensor information can be sent immediately to an external monitoring system or automatically received by TRUcockpit and then collated for evaluation in the customer-configured user interface.

Plan maintenance at an early stage

In addition to monitoring rope data for faster installation, TRUpin allows you to permanently monitor installed rope assemblies for decades. In addition to this important safety aspect, there are many other benefits, such as the ability to plan maintenance before a service interruption occurs.

Take advantage of our individual advice
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Philipp Enzler  – Director of Sales (USA, Canada, England, Ireland)