TRUpin - the solution for force monitoring rope structures

Ropes in all conceivable applications can be continuously monitored with the TRUpin. This allows changes in rope forces to be detected immediately, and maintenance measures can be planned as a function of the actual loads.

Combining TRUpin with other sensors

You already have other solutions in place for monitoring your rope structure, but would still like to benefit from the innovative TRUpin? This is possible without any problems. Tailored to your requirements, we are happy to offer specific solutions for monitoring your rope structure. 

Reports in TRUcockpit

With TRUcockpit, FATZER offers a platform for the comprehensive management and monitoring of ropes. The customer-friendly portal is designed for easy operation and lets you see all relevant rope data from TRUpin at a glance. Other sensors can also interact smoothly with TRUcockpit. 

Plan maintenance at an early stage

In addition to monitoring rope data for accelerated installation, TRUpin also allows you to permanently monitor your ropes for decades. This brings with it many advantages. In addition to the important issue of safety, this also includes the ability to plan maintenance measures at an early stage. 

Take advantage of our individual advice
In order to be able to offer our customers the best ropes and services, we deal intensively with them and their needs. You too can benefit from our know-how and let us advise you.
Philipp Enzler  – Director of Sales (USA, Canada)