COMPACTA high performance rope is characterized by increased metallic cross-section of compacted strands. This has several positive effects: The rope diameter decreases, the breaking load increases by around 10 percent, and the service life of the rope is extended. At the same time, you benefit from minimal rope elongation over the entire service life. Thanks to the flattened contours of the outer wires, smaller surface pressures result in the clamp and sheave area. In the case of strand contact, the larger contact area also leads to lower stress peaks.


Better damping of rope vibrations


Increased fatigue strength thanks to reduced internal strand tension


Higher torsional and lateral pressure stability


Compared to conventional ropes, COMPACTA ropes are more stable in diameter and more resistant to twisting and torsion forces. Their virtually smooth surface ensures improved frictional contact with drive elements, reducing wear on sheaves, clamps and pulleys. This makes these ropes perfectly suited for use in chairlifts, gondolas, reversible aerial tramways and aerial tramways.

How you benefit from COMPACTA

  • Higher rope breaking force for a given diameter or reduced diameter for the same rope breaking force
  • Less wear on sheaves, clamps, drive and deflection sheaves
  • Higher torsional and lateral pressure stability
  • Improved damping of rope oscillations and vibrations
  • Increased fatigue strength thanks toreduced internal strand tension