The fully locked INTEGRA ropes are manufactured in twisted design. In this process, the profile wires are preformed into their subsequent helical position. This results in a low-stress rope that can be easily guided during rope pulling. In the case of the high-performance INTEGRA-DATA rope, additional copper conductors or glass fibers are incorporated for data transmission.


With their high reliability and load capacity, INTEGRA and INTEGRA-DATA high-performance ropes are perfectly tailored for use in aerial tramways as well as 2S and 3S ropeways.

How to benefit from INTEGRA/INTEGRA-DATA

  • Replaces additional signal and control cables exposed to external influences
  • Low stress and twist-free thanks to twisted design
  • Fast and safe retraction
  • Universal data connection between
  • Mountain and valley station
  • Reliable signal and data transmission
  • Longevity and wear resistance