BRUtelecom / BRUtelecom Energy

BRUtelecom ropes enable the transmission of data as well as electrical energy by means of optical fibers and copper conductors between the bottom station and the top station. While only glass fibers are stranded in the BRUtelecom high-performance rope, BRUtelecom Energy also has copper conductors for energy transmission. All BRUtelecom products are offered in a complete package including guy wires, accessories as well as the fiber splicing and measuring services.


BRUtelecom ropes are used in many modern ropeway installations. Functions such as data supply for cable car controls, ticketing systems, WiFi, mobile phone antennas, webcams, cash register systems and displays are in demand for diverse installations.

How to benefit from BRUtelecom / BRUtelecom Energy

  • Data transmission with optical fibers and copper conductors
  • Energy transmission between valley and mountain station
  • High mechanical strength and durability
  • Complete packages with accessories, splicing and measurement services