In PERFORMA-DT high-performance ropes, plastic profiles are stranded between the strands to significantly reduce strand-induced vibrations during traction or conveying operations. Thanks to the virtually cylindrical surface structure, the rope runs over sheaves and pulleys with virtually no vibration and low noise. Equally convincing is the greatly reduced settling behavior.


The use of PERFORMA-DT conveyor ropes is particularly useful on installations with high conveying capacities. In addition, it can also be used wherever vibrations and noise impair the ride comfort and well-being of passengers, residents and passers-by, for example on gondola lifts in urban regions.

How you benefit from PERFORMA-DT

  • Low strand-induced vibration
  • Very good running smoothness
  • Minimal elongation behavior and increased diameter consistency
  • Fewer shortenings required
  • Rope elongation predictable and calculable
  • No strand contact and therefore much longer service life
  • Less sheave wear