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Hexenwasser Söll

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Hexenwasser Söll

Mountain & Skililft Hochsöll GmbH & Co.KG

Railroad builder

Doppelmayr/Garaventa AG

10 cabin- circulating D-Line/ 72 storytelling gondolas/ built in 2020/ Söll- Hochsöll Erlebniswelt/ quietness of running was a theme- stories and soundtracks are played during the cable car ride. The Hexenwasser cable car in Söll, Austria, is a gondola lift that takes visitors to a unique adventure park called "Hexenwasser". The park offers numerous activities and attractions related to water. Here, for example, you can walk barefoot over streambeds, immerse yourself in Kneipp pools, play on waterfalls and water slides, or explore the wildlife in the pond. The cable car itself is modern and can accommodate up to 8 people per gondola. It overcomes a height difference of almost 200 meters and offers a magnificent view of the surrounding mountains and valleys during the ride. The Hexenwasser cable car and the associated adventure park are a popular destination for families and nature lovers in the region.



Length/Weight: 3,830 m / 39,334 kg

Ø: 52 mm