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GD8 Montjuic

GD8 Montjuic

Teleferic de Montjuic S.A.

Railroad builder


The GD8 Montjuic cable car is a cable car in Barcelona, Spain, that runs from the port of Barcelona to Montjuic Mountain. The cable car was built in 1970 and underwent a major renovation in 2007. The cable car has a length of 750 meters and a height difference of more than 80 meters. The ride takes about 10 minutes and offers breathtaking views of the city of Barcelona and the Mediterranean Sea. The GD8 Montjuic cable car has eight cabins, each of which can accommodate up to eight passengers. The cabins are air-conditioned and provide comfortable and safe transportation up Montjuic. Montjuic is one of the most famous mountains in Barcelona and offers a variety of attractions such as Montjuic Castle, the Olympic Stadium and the Botanical Gardens. The cable car is an important part of Barcelona's public transportation system and provides a quick and convenient way to reach Montjuic and explore its attractions.




Strand rope with integrated

Plastic profiles

Length: 1'650 m

Ø: 44 mm