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Conveyor belt system RopeCon®

Conveyor belt system RopeCon®
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RopeCon® is an innovative conveyor belt system used in Jamaica to transport bauxite. Bauxite is an important raw material for aluminum production and is mined in large quantities in Jamaica. The RopeCon® conveyor belt system transports the bauxite from the mining sites to the loading terminals by the sea.

The RopeCon® plant consists of a conveyor belt suspended on steel cables and moved by a ropeway. The conveyor has a capacity of up to 1,000 tons per hour and can climb inclines of up to 22 degrees. The plant is completely enclosed to protect the bauxite from weathering and contamination.

The advantages of RopeCon® lie primarily in the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of the plant. Because it is suspended on steel cables, the plant can easily cross obstacles such as rivers or roads. In addition, the RopeCon® system is much less expensive than conventional conveyor belts and requires less space.

Thanks to RopeCon®, the transport of bauxite in Jamaica has been made much more efficient. The plant reduces CO2 emissions as fewer trucks are needed to transport the bauxite, and increases productivity at the mining sites. The RopeCon® plant is therefore an important part of the infrastructure in Jamaica and an example of innovative and sustainable technology.



2-way fully locked

Length: 7'200 m

Ø: 52 & 62 mm