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TRUscan for urban ropeways

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TRUscan for urban ropeways

One of the biggest challenges facing rapidly growing cities with millions of inhabitants is the expansion of public transport. In this respect, ropeway solutions have huge potential. To fully exploit this potential, monitoring and maintenance of the ropes must be carried out highly efficiently. Perfect conditions for this are created by the innovative TRUscan inspection device.

Intelligently used, ropeways can solve public transport problems in cities with millions of inhabitants worldwide. This is the case in Mexico City, for example, where three ropeway lines have recently gone into operation. Thanks to them, the mobility of tens of thousands of residents from areas with poor infrastructure has been increased enormously. Integrated into the public transport network, the ropeways connect key parts of the city - practically around the clock. Further ropeways to expand the network are already being planned.

Security and availability

"With the fully automated inspection by TRUscan, both important criteria for urban ropeways can be met: maximum safety and availability."