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Stadium Las Vegas Raiders

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Stadium Las Vegas Raiders

Las Vegas Raiders

After the Raiders moved from Oakland to Las Vegas, the football team needed a new stadium at its new location. Within 36 months, the most technologically modern stadium in the entire USA was built. FATZER was also involved. The company mastered the challenges posed by the new roof concept with the help of a tailor-made installation concept.

Desert heat and bright sunshine are part of everyday life in Las Vegas. To ensure that fans of the Las Vegas Raiders still get their money's worth, the new stadium was planned to be completely roofed. A new type of ETFE roof system with a lightweight cable structure was used, which allows natural lighting and still protects against the weather. Although this innovative solution presented a challenge for FATZER, it was masterfully solved. "The roof concept and especially the size of the roof made it necessary to break new ground. Fortunately, we were involved in the project at an early stage and were able to adapt flexibly accordingly," explains Malte Kabelitz, Technical Sales Director Rope Construction at FATZER AG. A new installation concept was developed, thanks to which the roof could ultimately be realized smoothly.

Close cooperation

"We would like to express our sincere thanks to all our partners. The early involvement as well as the close cooperation and open communication of all parties involved made it possible for such a project to become a success."