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Königsstuhl viewing platform

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Königsstuhl viewing platform

KÖNIGSSTUHL National Park Center

In 2023, FATZER AG once again proved that it is a reliable partner for high-quality rope products, rope installations and complex civil engineering structures. This outstanding project came about on the recommendation of a long-standing partner company. FATZER's intensive technical support during the tendering phase laid the foundation for this success.

Products and services from FATZER AG

-           VVS Galfan 120mm for the guy ropes

-          VVS Galfan 100 for the main suspension ropes

-          22 pieces OSS hanger made of stainless steel

-           22 pieces terminal pack

-           Coating of the VVS end connections and clamps

Successful cooperation

The proximity of the Königsstuhl to the coast and the resulting forces of nature in the fall, required maximum flexibility of all project participants. We would like to thank our partners for their support in the successful implementation of the project.