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Dafne Schipperer's bridge

Dafne Schipperer's bridge

The Dafne Schippers Bridge is a 110-meter bicycle and pedestrian bridge that crosses the Amsterdam-Rijn Canal and connects the center of the city of Utrecht with one of its new neighborhoods, Leidsche Rijn. The bridge is named after Dafne Schippers, a world-class Dutch athlete who has roots in Utrecht.

The bridge itself is suspended 9 meters above the canal, with the highest point of the suspension arms 35 meters above the water. The bridge is expected to be used by about 11,000 cyclists daily.

Location: Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal, Netherlands


Ropes installed:


2x VVS ø105 mm (à 120m)

8x VVS  ø93 mm (à 31m)

56x OSS ø26 mm (à 7.5m)