To the overview 30. March 2023

FATZER sharpens appearance

FATZER has recently been using a new image to present its versatile services in the field of ropeway and rope construction ropes to the market. With discreet but effective measures, the appearance has been noticeably sharpened.

"Building Strong Connections" remains at the center of FATZER's new brand identity. However, with matching slogans for our various focus areas such as high-performance ropes and monitoring solutions, the brand promise has been supplemented by additional dimensions. What has also changed is our visual world, which will provide even better insights into our work in the future. In this way, we want to show you how many customers around the world we have already delighted with our services and how many innovative ropeway and rope construction solutions have been created in their current form thanks to our collaboration with FATZER.

We are very pleased with the modernization of our website, which now even better reflects our image as a strong and innovative partner for any ropeway and cable construction projects.