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The starting point for FATZER products is high-tensile steel wire. Fabricated into steel wire ropes, it enables architects, engineers and contractors to create technically sophisticated rope architecture.

It goes without saying that steel wire ropes meet the highest safety requirements. What sets them apart though, is the way they provide freedom for aesthetically creative design. It is the elegant HYEND series of end connections, in particular, which turns these technical products into true “design objects”.

FATZER manufacture a wide range of rope diameters, suitable for use on the most complex of projects. The performance parameters of all products are monitored and confirmed by independent test bodies.

Spiral strand and full locked coil rope assemblies are manufactured in our own factory. This covers the whole process including stranding, pre-stretching, marking and socketing. Handling customized product solutions is a challenge we tackle on a daily basis. In all cases rope assemblies arrive on site ready for installation.

Our longstanding global commitment and our focus on wire rope engineering enables us to provide high-quality customer-oriented solutions in the areas:

Company Information
As part of the BRUGG Group, FATZER is still privately owned preserving the legacy of the first owner. It has developed into a strong and healthy „Mittelstand“ company with a global presence and an international workforce. In 2012, Fatzer moved into a brand new, purpose-built production facility, utilising state of the art equipment. The 1´660 solar panels on the roof of the building, with a capacity of more than 374´000 kWh a year, supply enough electricity for 80 households and reduced our CO2 emission by 205 tons a year.