• Telecom Ropes from FATZER

    Data transmission between bottom and top ropeway terminal

​The BRUtelecom series cables enable the transmission of data and electrical power between the bottom and top ropeway terminals via optical fibers and copper conductors. While fiber optics only are stranded in BRUtelecom cable, the BRUtelecom Energy cable comes with additional copper conductors for power transmission. The BRUtelecom Data cable features copper data conductors in the outer layer, which can be tapped as needed to energize safety functions at line towers, such as telecommunication and control sensors. The BRUtelecom Data+ is the most suitable solution, if you need more copper conductor on the cable car masts.

Spiral strand with integrated fibre conductors

BRUtelecom Energy

Spiral strand with integrated fibre and copper conductors​

BRUtelecom Data

Spiral strand with copper conductors​ in the outer layer

BRUtelecom Multi

Multifunctional spiral strand for data- and energy transmission

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