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The starting point for FATZER products is high-tensile steel wire. Fabricated into steel wire ropes, it enables architects, engineers and contractors to create technically sophisticated rope architecture. Spiral strand and full locked coil rope assemblies are manufactured in our own factory. This covers the whole process including stranding, pre-stretching, marking and socketing. Handling customized product solutions is a challenge we tackle on a daily basis. In all cases rope assemblies arrive on site ready for installation.

End Connections
Spiral Strand Ropes (OSS)

The ropes are build up with independent layers of helically arranged wires. The spiral strand ropes are exclusively made with round wires.

Full Locked Coil Ropes (FLC)

The full locked coil ropes also have layers with z-shaped wires. Ropes with end connections are referred to as rope assemblies.

ETA approval for HYEND rope connections

The application for the ETA was handed to Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt) in 2015. After extensive testing, calculations and external expert reports ETA-15/0917 for the construction product “FATZER HYEND tension components” was finally issued in 2019, covering the full scope of FATZER HYEND ropes and sockets. By following AVCP system 2+ (inhouse factory production control (FCP), inhouse testing of samples, inhouse assessment of performance, initial inspection of plant and FCP by a Notified Body (NB) and continuous surveillance, assessment and evaluation of FCP by a NB) FATZER AG is allowed to affix a CE mark to its HYEND structural rope assemblies.

End Connections for Architects and Structural Engineers

To download the CAD data free of charge, please select the appropriate format and download the zip file.

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