Trainings and seminars

Our rope specialists conduct various training sessions and seminars on the topic of piste winch ropes. They provide important information and tips for the proper handling and maintenance of winch ropes. Topics range from appropriate applications to visual inspections through to optimizing the service life of the ropes. Other important components of the seminars include the ability to carry out a practical analysis to detect damage to the ropes and deriving preventive measures from existing damage.
Training sessions can be customized at the client’s request and are held either at the FATZER plant or the location where the piste-grooming machines are in use.

Damage analysis

Our rope specialists will be happy to perform a damage analysis on individual ropes. In addition to providing a thorough examination of the cause of the damage, the analysis also indicates preventive measures for preventing future damage of the same type.
To request training or a damage analysis, please contact Robert Fehr
Fon: +41 71 466 81 25
or use the document Rope Check-Damage Analysis