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Around the world, drivers of Kässbohrer snowcats rely on PWtrac® winch ropes from original equipment manufacturer Fatzer. And with good reason: They are the safest, most reliable ropes used for the difficult work on steep slopes and are distinguished not only by their reliability and long service life, but also by particularly high breaking forces. The rope specialist in Romanshorn is pleased to introduce the new and improved PWtracPLUS.Fatzer PWtrac® ropes manufactured in Romanshorn have been securing piste-grooming machines around the world since 1983. The 9-strand winch ropes are a special product that was developed in collaboration with the engineers at the winch manufacturer Plumettaz und Kässbohrer and are optimized for use with capstan winches. The winch ropes have been continuously improved as a result of the intensive exchange of information between geography, Kässbohrer and FATZER as well as the continuous recording of parameters such as number of winch cycles, tensile force and effective length of rope used.

These data have provided important findings for the development of the new winch rope that FATZER is now introducing. The PWtracPLUS is characterized by an increase of up to 20% in fatigue life and an optimized dynamic capacity to withstand stress. With its approximately 10% higher breaking force, the PWtracPLUS offers the highest minimum breaking force of all piste-grooming machine winch ropes. Consistent evaluation of user experiences and intensive trials have also led to improvements in the functional efficiency and reliability of the ropes.