The longest pedestrian bridge in the world relies on ropes by Fatzer

In the Harz Mountains, the longest pedestrian Bridge of ist kind in the world named “Titan RT” was opened with a total length of 483 meters. As safety, reliability and longevity were particularly important to the owner, FATZER AG Wire Ropes was commissioned to manufacture the main supporting element and therefore the most important part to the new world record: The entire 118-ton pedestrian bridge is attached to 4 full locked coil ropes with a diameter of 65 millimeters each. The suspension bridge runs parallel to the 415-meter-long top of the Rappbodetalsperre at a height of about 100 meters and is thus in good company in terms of record. The 106-meter-high dam wall is the highest in Germany. The biggest challenge during the construction phase was to pull the 13-ton ropes over the water of the Rappboden reservoir at a height of around 100 meters. For this purpose, a material ropeway was specially developed to carry these loads. The four full locked coil ropes could be pulled over the lake with a carriage on the already tense line ropes. The bridge is anchored in the slate rocks both sides of the valley with 947 tons of tractive force.