Splice Works
- Renewal


FATZER rope transport passengers and materials safely and reliably when they are properly transported, installed and spliced. Once it arrives at its destination, the rope is first pulled into place, which involves feeding it into the rope-guiding elements and raising it to its final position. The tension on the rope must be slackened for the final splicing. The splice interlocks the two rope ends, forming an endless loop, which is required for continuously circling cableways (e.g. cable car systems, chairlifts). FATZER has developed a proprietary splicing process in which the original core remains in the center of the splice and the insertion ends are wrapped with FATZER’s pressure-resistant splice tape.
TRUsplice® is a tailor-made insert that is specially customized to cradle the strands of the rope. This reduces strand contact to a minimum and increases the fatigue life of the rope.