After Sales Support


FATZER is your go-to reference for all questions related to ropes. Our years of experience and specialization in the manufacture of cableway ropes make for a compelling, industry-specific knowledge base to optimize our support for cableway system manufacturers and rope users alike.We are happy to provide expert help, from the selection of the ideal rope, to a suitable rope transport, to service and maintenance once operation has begun.

Choosing the right rope: Even in the system-planning phase before a project begins, parameters that influence the choice of rope are being decided. Whether it is a winter mountain cableway intended for operation during a three-month season or an urban system that will operate 24/7 will have a decisive impact on the selection of rope. In the past, the minimum breaking force was the main factor in the selection of the rope construction; today, other characteristics such as

• fatigue life of the rope
• predictability of rope maintenance and replacement
• 100% availability
• costs beyond the planned rope and system lifespan
• financial planning
• noise emission
• after-sales service

play a more important role as the basis for product decisions.
In addition to various long-lived products, FATZER possesses pivotal tools for calculating the system-specific TCO (total cost of ownership) over the planned fatigue life. Required work on the splice and the rope can be accounted for in the planning phase so that costs and maintenance work can be predicted. Extended guarantee and maintenance packages can be customized to the customer‘s needs.