Mountain Cableways

For gondola, chair, 2S and 3S cableways, the low-elongation COMPACTA® and STABILO® haulage ropes and INTEGRA® carrying ropes stand out with their extreme reliability and load capacity.

STABILO®: Low-elongation STABILO ropes are the first choice of operators of systems for which downtimes to shorten ropes are only acceptable in specific, planned periods. Its high consistency of diameter is another distinguishing factor of this rope.

COMPACTA®: The compacted, smooth surface results in a greater metallic cross-section with the same diameter and also ensures an improved friction connection with drive elements. This reduces wear on rollers, clamps and sheaves, while also increasing fatigue life considerably.

INTEGRA®: Fully locked and half-locked ropes have proven themselves as carrying ropes for passenger cableways and ropeways for material transport Thanks to twisting manufacturing methods, the ropes have extremely low internal stress.

INTEGRA-Data®: Fiber-optic cables or copper cables can be integrated in the rope.