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Ropeway Ropes

Various ropeway systems and different utilisation objectives all around the world require the customised development and production of ropes which meet the users’ high standards of quality in terms of safety, reliability and profitability. Our products are based on the experience in developing and producing thousands of kilometers of rope for transporting passengers and heavy loads. Fatzer ropes are reliably used around the globe in ski centers and hiking regions, urban agglomerations and raw material mining areas, including as material ropeways, cable cars, reversible and circulating ropeways.
The various ropeway-specific requirements result in different rope constructions, ropes cores, strand types and closing methods. Fatzer has integrated the collective know-how into a manageable range of products – customised to the needs of the clients and the ropeway installation.

INTEGRA® and INTEGRA DATA®: Lock-coil wire rope – also available with integrated conductors or fibre-optics
PERFORMA-DT: Wire rope with intertwined plastic profiles
COMPACTA®: Compacted wire rope – higher breaking strength with the same diameter
STABILO®: Solid plastic-cored wire rope – diameter-stable and with low-stretching behavior
Stranded Rope with Polypropylen core

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