Full locked coil ropes, stranded ropes and telecom ropes. Link

Steel wire ropes for conveyor belts, shaft mines and bucket excavators. Link

Steel wire ropes for facades, roofs, bridges and special applications. Link

Steel wire ropes for snow groomers. Link

Splice work, rope inspection, rope cleaning and repairs. Link


16.5 km of 34-mm mining ropes per bobbin: A total of 85,000 meters of FATZER stranded ropes was manufactured for a conveyor system in Australia. The six bobbins are first sent to the Rhine port in Basel and transported from there by ship to Rotterdam, where they are loaded onto a freighter bound for Australia. …

Mar 12, 2014

The rope specialist from Romanshorn at the Olympics At the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, safety is the top priority as far as the organizers are concerned. To ensure that this basic requirement is also fulfilled when transporting people by cable car, most of the new systems have been equipped with steel ropes from the world’s …

Jan 2, 2014

An 8-strand, 50-mm COMPACTA® cable accelerates the monocable ropeway with a total of 34 detachable gondolas to a speed of 6 m/s. A new cableway—which is named after the airline Emirates—will begin operation to coincide with the summer Olympic Games in London. The Emirates Air Line is a cable car that connects the London neighborhoods …

Oct 2, 2013

Beginning in May, the new CabriO® cable car, the next generation of cableway system from Garaventa, will provide visitors an unobstructed, open-air view over the Alps. Based on the funifor system, this aerial tramway has a wide track formed by the two carrying ropes, between which the double-decker carriage with an open upper deck is …

Sep 2, 2013