FATZER AG Opens its New Production Facility

On Friday, November 4, FATZER AG Wire-Rope Plant officially opened its new premises in Romanshorn, Switzerland, with over 250 guests in attendance. This ceremony marked the end of a 7-year-long expansion phase that consisted of three construction phases. A multitude of guests from the political and economic sphere, such as Hermann Hess of the National Council, Walter Schönholzer of the Government Council, and David Bon of the City Council, attended the event.

At maximum output, the new production facility is able to process 15,000 metric tons of steel wire into heavy-duty ropes for ropeways, architectural applications, and winch ropes each year.

The largest diameters are up to 135 mm for fully locked ropes and 100 mm for stranded ropes with a maximum individual piece weight of 200 metric tons. The innovativeness of the company is not only manifested through having the strongest stretching system with a tensile force of 750 metric tons for pre-stretching architectural ropes, the company testing facility – which can be used to test 6-strand and 8-strand ropes with a max. diameter of 60 mm at a maximum speed of up to 18 m/s – is also unique across the globe. At this facility, FATZER AG is able to test the fatigue strength of spliced stranded ropes as well as of the splice in extended-term tests und tested remotely for wire breaks using the “TRUscan” MI testing equipment developed in-house.

FATZER is still a privately owned member of the BRUGG Group and thus continues the legacy of its founder. Over its 180-year history, the company has been able to steadily position itself as a world leader in the manufacture of heavy-duty steel ropes. What’s more, thanks to its global presence and international workforce, the company has successfully remained in proximity to its customers and right on the pulse of the latest developments, trends, and innovations. FATZER’s Swiss site employs around 104 members of staff.

FATZER AG Opens its New Production Facility from Fatzer Wire Ropes on Vimeo.