Sheathed full locked coil ropes for roadbridge

The E6 Halogaland Bridge Project is one of the most anticipated projects in Norway. It involves the construction of the 1,533m-long Hålogaland Bridge over Rombaksfjorden in Narvik, Nordland.
The bridge will be second largest suspension bridge in Norway. The span of the bridge will be built as a closed steel box girder. The main span will be 1,145m and the side spans will be 240m and 149m. The navigational clearance will be 42m, while the height of the pylons will be 175m.
FATZER manufactured 110 HDPE Sheathed Full Locked Coil Rope Assemblies with a diameter of 84 mm for a first time application as hanger ropes in Norway. Detailed knowledge of the Norwegian Handbook R410 and close cooperation with authorities, planners and general contractor lead to a successful implementation.