5.56 million meters of steel wire produced

For the Zugspitz-/Eibsee-Ropeway, the new record-breaking cable car up to the Zugspitze, the highest mountain peak in Germany, quality and reliability factors such as safety, installation and operation ease and performance were of decisive importance. It was for these reasons that Bayerische Zugspitzbahn Bergbahn AG favoured and selected FATZER AG, one of the world’s leader in aerial wire rope production, with their Romanshorn, Switzerland Wire-Rope production plant, to fabricate the steel wire ropes for their new signature cableway.

For the four (4) full lock-coil track ropes of Ø72 mm diameter, each 4,900 meters long, and the two (2) haul- and counter-ropes of Ø47 and Ø41 mm, respectively, each 4,610 meters long, FATZER used some 5’560 kilometers (~3’454 miles) of steel wire in a diameter variation range from 1.85 mm through 4.22 mm.

The nominal breaking strength of each individual track rope is 6’772 kN, or approximately 690 metric tons!

What’s really special about the INTEGRA-DATA type track ropes, built of 210 individual steel wires, are the integrated fiber-optics conductors built-in their core, that enable reliable and secure data transmission between top and bottom terminal, for decades to come.

On account of the heavy weight of each rope (153 tons!), a custom logistics solution was required for the transportation of the spools from the rope plant in Switzerland to the bottom terminal at Eibsee/Grainau near Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Bavaria.

In cooperation with its long-term transport partners, Fatzer came up with a dedicated solution proposal, exclusively engineered for this intricate heavy-haul project:

for maximum vehicle mobility and maneuverability, the heavy rope-loads will be split to two linked heavy-duty lowboy trailers. Their custom approach allowing even bridges and road-stretches of restriced payload (not strong enough to allow for the single spool’s static load to pass), be navigated with ease.