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Production Plant

Manufacturing special ropes economically requires well thought-out technical equipment. Our plant in Romanshorn is a highly productive facility for the manufacture of stranded ropes and spiral strand ropes. The continuously updated production equipment reflects the state of the art and enables us to manufacture products customized to specific customer needs or standards. The latest technology is used to monitor parameters such as diameter and lay length during the production process. We use machines to test the bending, torsion and haulage properties in the quality control of raw materials as well as the end product.

Rope test cableway
The cableway market demands increasingly higher performance from systems that must run more quietly. These demands require consistent ongoing and new developments in both the cableway and rope fields. Newly developed and significantly advanced products must first prove themselves in practical trials, and yet direct field tests must be avoided because of potential safety and financial risks.It is therefore just as essential that trials be carried out on our own test systems. In this way the effects of speed, braking force, rope pull, and sheave and rope diameter on the fatigue life and wear of the ropes can be analyzed under realistic conditions. Fatigue strength behavior of spliced stranded ropes as well as of the splice itself is determined under conditions of forced bending and pulsating tension in extended-term tests.With no drive operation mechanism but with their various clamping mechanisms, 6- and 8-strand ropes with a maximum diameter of 60 mm can be accelerated to a speed of up to 18 m/s.