5.56 million meters of steel wire produced for the new ropeway Zugspitze

For the Zugspitze Ropeway, the new record-breaking cable car to the highest peak in Germany, factors such as safety, reliability, and performance were of particular importance. It was for this reason that Bayerische Zugspitzbahn Bergbahn AG selected FATZER AG Wire-Rope Plant based in Romanshorn, Switzerland, the world’s leading manufacturer of ropeway ropes, to make the steel ropes for the cableway.

Using approximately 5.56 million meters of steel wire, with diameters from 1.85 through 4.22 mm, Fatzer produced 4 track ropes with a diameter of 72 mm, each measuring 4,900 meters in length, and 2 haulage ropes 47 and 41 mm in diameter, each measuring 4,610 meters in length. The minimal breaking load of each individual full locked track rope is 6,772 kN – approximately 690 tons!

What’s really special about the INTEGRA-Data type track ropes, which consist of 210 individual wires, are the fiber-optic cables integrated in their core, which provide an assurance of reliable data transmission between top and bottom stations lasting decades.

On account of the heavy weight of each of the ropes (153 tons), a special logistics solution was required for transportation to the bottom station at Eibsee. Working together with its transport partners, Fatzer designed and developed a solution exclusively for this project. For better vehicle mobility and maneuverability, the steel rope load was shared by two linked heavy-duty transporters. This approach meant that even bridges and roads that would not be suitable for the static load of the equivalent individual weight could be navigated with ease.