125 km of steel wire rope for Sochi

The rope specialist from Romanshorn at the Olympics
At the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, safety is the top priority as far as the organizers are concerned. To ensure that this basic requirement is also fulfilled when transporting people by cable car, most of the new systems have been equipped with steel ropes from the world’s leading manufacturer, FATZER AG Wire Ropes, in Switzerland. The reliable PW-Trac® winch ropes also secure the piste bashers when they are carrying out their difficult work on the steep slopes. The first eight stranded ropes were delivered to Sochi in 2007; these were followed by another 25 ropes when the town won the bid to host the Winter Olympics. Overall, 12 fully locked coil track ropes and 31 stranded ropes with a total length of 125 km are being used in Sochi to carry the cable cars. In addition to overcoming the technical challenges associated with designing and producing the high-performance ropes, FATZER is also a reliable partner when planning and implementing the following aspects: transport, rope pull, and splicing. Splicing is being carried out exclusively by certified FATZER employees, who will also be on hand after the systems are commissioned to perform maintenance, shortening, and resplicing work with minimal delays.